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Full Home Inspection

Trained and certified by American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT), we follow the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards of Practice (Standards) on all of our standard home inspections, 4-point inspections and single component inspections. You can view the Standards by clicking here, or by going to www.homeinspector.org/standards-of-practice. The Standards basically outline what we are required to inspect and report on. If you choose us for your home inspection, we recommend that you read the Standards to familiarize yourself with our inspection process, requirements and boundaries. Our inspections typically last three to four hours for an averaged sized home (times will vary depending on size). Another benefit of choosing RSI is that you will have your report in your hands within 24 hours! No more waiting days for your home inspection report to arrive. Using AHIT's proprietary reporting software Inspect It, we can provide you with the information you need, when you need it!

Structural Damage and Failure/Cause and Origin Inspection

Got a crack in the brick or foundation? Roof been leaking and can't figure out where or why? Let us help! We can provide a focused inspection and opinion as to the cause and origin of the failure and whether it is a major problem! In many cases we can also provide a general course of action to take, such as recommending mitigation or temporary repairs until a qualified contractor can further assess the problem. Normally these inspections take less than an hour as the report is not completed on site, but delivered the next day. If we can't find the cause of the problem, you be given a deeply discounted rate.

Single Component/Limited Scope Inspections

We can inspect a specified area or component of the house and report on it according to the standards.

Major Systems Inspections

Our Major Systems inspection includes the heating and cooling, the electric panel, plumbing, the roof, and the structure.
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